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Revit Architecture 2013 Certified Professional Exam: My experience

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A few weeks ago (Wednesday 7 November to be exact) I undertook the Revit Architecture 2013 Certified Professional Examination. I just wanted to share my personal experience of the test, for the benefit of any of you who are contemplating taking it.

Now I need to start off by saying that I am "not" going to tell you any of the specific questions or answers that are in the test! This is just a general summary of what to expect if you do go ahead and undertake the exam.
Last year I undertook the Revit Architecture 2012 exams. You will note I say "exams" (ie plural) because previous to this year, there was both an "Associate" and a "Professional" exam in the use of Revit Architecture 2012. You were required to take and pass the Associate exam before you were allowed to have a crack at the Professional exam.
But with Revit Architecture 2013, all that changes. Now there is a single "Professional" level exam, which last 90 minutes in total.
OK, so how is the exam actually conducted. Well, you need to take it at an authorised Training Centre, or other venue that has been accredited by Autodesk to facilitate these exams.
The test is taken wholly on a PC and is a combination of multiple choice questions and practical use of Revit Architecture 2013.
A wide range of knowledge of the application is tested, as you may expect for a "Professional" level of certification. You do have the opportunity to review all your answers at the end and make any changes you wish before your finally hit the "Finish & Submit" button. As soon as you do declare yourself done, you are presented with your score and (consequently) whether you have Passed or Failed. If you pass, you are then authorised by Autodesk to use the "Revit Architecture 2013 Certified Professional" logo on your own stationary, marketing material, etc. The fact that I am using the logo in this article will give you a clue as to the outcome of my test!
Would I recommend taking the exam? Most certainly "Yes". It was a very enjoyable experience and (for me) it delivered a degree of personal satisfaction that I can demonstrate a solid knowledge of the fundamentals of Revit. Will it make you a better Revit User? No, probably not- remember it is only an exam, not a training session.
Any advice I can give to anyone planning on taking the exam? It sounds obvious, but make sure you revise well in advance. Autodesk produce a downloadable Revision Sheet which lists the key areas that are covered in the exam- make sure you are comfortable in all these areas. If you do need help with any topic on the list, get yourself over to our Forums sharp! We can take you through all the fundamentals and give you the absolute best chance of passing with flying colours!
Good Luck!