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Conceptual Design

An area often overlooked is Revit's ability to help with the conceptual design process. New to Revit 2010 was the Conceptual Design Environment. Like the Family Editor, the CDE is a distinct area of the Revit software. And as such, it has it's own interface, commands and tools. This series of articles focuses on the use of the CDE to model design concepts.

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1 Building Maker: A basic introduction 18964
2 Building Maker: Curtain System by Face 19267
3 Conceptual Design Environment: A Basic Introduction 34277
4 Forms: Creating a Loft form 16531
5 Forms: Creating a Revolve form 17299
6 Forms: Creating a Surface 19126
7 Forms: Creating a Sweep 53667
8 Forms: Creating an Extrusion 47378