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Building Maker: Curtain System by Face

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In this article I am going to take you (step-by-step) through the process of using Revit Architecture’s Building Maker tools to create a Curtain System directly from the faces of a mass element. If the term “Building Maker” means nothing to you, you may wish to take a look at this article first before proceeding.


OK, let’s start right from the beginning by using the Conceptual Design Environment to create a new Conceptual Mass element. We do this right from Revit Architecture’s launch screen……




Just click on the “New Conceptual Mass” button, as seen in the image above. Revit will now ask you to choose a Family Template. I am going to choose “Metric Mass”. You may have a different choice of templates depending on the regional settings of your installation….

Upon selecting the file you are taken into Revit’s Conceptual Design Environment, which is a specialised form of Family Editor. For the purposes of this exercise, I am going to create a simple extrusion. (If you have not yet learnt to create extrusions in the Conceptual Design Environment, please take a look at this article before continuing)

OK. So I’ve sketched out the profile for my extrusion…..


I can go ahead and choose “Create Form > Solid Form”…..


In order to create my Extrusion. And here’s the finished Master Piece…..


Wonderful. Now let’s do something useful with it like generate a Curtain Wall System from its faces. In order to do this, we need to save this Conceptual Mass Family and then load it into a new Revit Project File. (This is because at present, we are still in the Conceptual Design Environment)

Right. I’ve saved my Mass family to the desktop and I’ve just created a new Project File. I now need to load the Mass Family into the Project. To do this I use the “Load Family” tool (found on the “Insert” menu)….


I select my Conceptual Mass family that I made previously and click OK. PLEASE NOTE: Before you go any further, you will need to activate the “Show Mass” button or you will not be able to view your imported mass….

All I need to do now is place an instance of my Mass into the model environment. Just use the “Component” tool and place the mass on Level 1….

OK, we’re already to go! Let’s start turning this Concept into a real building! Switch to the “Massing and Site” menu and select “Curtain System” on the “Model by Face” tab….

Now before we actually create the Curtain System, let’s just cover a couple of key points:-

1) We can choose the type of Curtain System we wish to create- but picking one from the Type Selector. By default I only have one type of System in my project- but you could load others into it, or define them within the Project environment….

NOTE: I’ve added “Quick Access” to the Type Selector- straight to the Quick Access Bar, in case you’re wondering where the above image came from!

2) I can select multiple faces BEFORE I go and create the System. Toggle this feature on or off from the “Multiple Selection” panel….

I’m now going to go ahead and select a few faces….

All I need to do now is hit “Create System” from the “Multiple Selection” Panel

And Revit then proceeds to create a Curtain System from all the faces selected...

And there we have it! Now before we end, a couple more key points for you.

1) The Curtain System was created FROM the Faces of the Mass. That is to say- the Faces are still there, if you need them.

2) Conversely, the Curtain System is independent of the Conceptual Mass faces that it was created from. So you can hide or delete the Mass, and you will be left with the Curtain System…



And that concludes our article on the Building Maker’s “Curtain System by Face” tool.

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