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OK, OK! So you didn't like the new name!

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Wednesday, 03 March 2010 15:19

After all the work it would seem that a lot of people prefer Revit Zone to revit.biz!

I have been getting quite a few emails over the last week asking why I am rebranding the site to revit.biz. The only answer I can give to that is because it seemed a cool name to me. But there seems to be a concensus that (from the emails I have received), people generally like the name Revit Zone and had got used to it. And as I am one for feedback, I have listened and decided to change the name back- but keep the new look site! (If that's OK with you guys?!). If nothing else, I sincerely hope you like the look of the new site and find it a bit easier than the old Revit Zone, in terms of navigation.

Apologies to all of you who have either linked to the revit.biz domain name or mentioned the change to revit.biz in your blogs. But the deal's off! We're staying as Revit Zone (definitely!). Please ensure your bookmarks and links point only to the revitzone.com domain name.

Until Sunday 7th March, Revit Zone can still be accessed via the revit.biz domain name. This will give everyone who has bookmarked or linked to the site, the opportunity to read this message and revise their links accordingly. On Sunday 7th March, the revit.biz domain name alias will be removed from the web server- ie it will no longer bring you to Revit Zone! Please also remember to update your RSS Feed by re-subscribing using the link at the base of the Home Page.


BIM Troublemaker: Curtain Panels: Curved Shading Elements

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Wednesday, 03 March 2010 15:14

The BIM Troublemaker has been at it again. And this time it's Curved Shading Elements!

"A lot of what I have learned about Revit has come from trying to recreate existing buildings in a parametric environment.  This is the Singapore Performing Arts Centre which was designed in the late 1990’s and opened in 2002......"

Read the entire article here


New article: Section Boxes

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Tuesday, 02 March 2010 13:19

Whether you need to get at those hard-to-get-at places in the centre of your model, or you just want to create a nice cut-away view of your design- Section Boxes can help.

Read the entire article here


HOK BIM Solutions: A great source of Revit information

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Tuesday, 02 March 2010 11:41

You are probably aware that HOK is a huge player in the global field of planning, design and delivery solutions. Maybe not the first place you'd neccessarily look for a Revit / BIM blog?

But if you did look, you would come across HOK BIM Solutions. A fantastic resource- full of practical, useful and interesting Revit / BIM posts, such as Revit 2010 MEP Coordination for example.

Check out HOK BIM Solutions here


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