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Topography: Changing the section cut material

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When you take a section through a Toposurface, the default “cut material” that you see is “Site- Earth”….



But what if you want to change this to something else? It is of course possible- but finding “where” to change the setting can sometimes prove frustrating to new users.


In order to find the parameter, you need to click on the little arrow at the base of the “Model Site” tab- located in the “Massing & Site” menu…….



NOTE: The arrow has a blue box around it, in the image above.


When you click on this arrow, you are presented with the “Site Settings” control panel…..



And half way down the panel you will a couple of parameters in a group called “Section Graphics”. In here you can change the “section cut material” and also the “elevation of poche base”. This second parameter controls the (absolute) height at which this “cut material” starts from.


In the image below, I have changed the “section cut material” to one that has a solid hatch pattern. I have also changed the “elevation of poche base” so that it is only 500mm thick….



I am sure you have your own conventions / preferences for how you would like the cut material to be displayed. It is just good to know where to find the setting!

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